Bullet Journal: Monthly Tacker

Check out our new Belight Weight Loss Tracker! We hope to be one step on your journey to the healthiest you. For a lot of us that means being in control of our weight goals. Stepping on the scale every day can be deceiving and disheartening if your not looking at the full picture. There are lots of things that can effect the numbers you see, not just diet and exercise. Hydration, health and 'that time of the month' can all be factors that show up on the scale or in the mirror and not all of them are 100% in your control.
This first tracker sheet is to help you see how your efforts add up in the long term. Having a few 'off' days in a month doesn't have to ruin the whole thing. In fact, its normal. You should be able to enjoy a drink out with your friends or take advantage of great new dishes on your vacation. When you look at the month as a whole you can see your true trends. Are you up or down?
We recommend starting with the last month (right now that would be July) and logging your total LBS. in the bottom half of the scoop. Make sure to put down your goal weight near the bottom of the page!
At the end of this month log your total weight in the bottom half of the new scoop and +/- your pounds gained or lost above that. (Some people are trying to gain weight and this chart still works for that!)  
Over time you will see how your efforts pay out. With a little math you can learn a lot about your weight journey. You should track for more than a year. We should maintain control of our weight and health for our whole lives. All to often we reach our goals, or close enough, and we go back to our old habits and gain back. Tracking your weight changes over multiple years can help you learn a lot more about your habits.
We assume we gain more weight in the winter because were not active outside and we eat heavier foods, but is that true for you? Maybe you commit to the gym easier when there aren't activities to do outside. Maybe fun summer drinks are actually holding you back or your hydration levels have a bigger affect than you thought. These are all things most of us just guess at because we don't track ourselves long enough to chart our true trends.
There's a lot more we should be keeping track of about ourselves to stay truly healthy. We at BELIGHT want to help everyone be the healthiest happiest version of themselves. Save this tracker sheet. Print it out for yourself or save it to your phone to update and share with us. Ready to commit to a year (or more) of healthy habits? Share your logs with the tag #BELIGHTmonthlytracker so we can cheer you on!

Got ideas for more bullet journal pages? Leave a comment on what would be helpful and we may add it to the next page!

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