Guest Post: Best Way To Start Every Day

By Ace Baldwin / Fitness Coach

The very first thing everyone should do right when you wake up (after you pee, of course)... Rehydrate. 16-20 ounces of water (basically a tall shaker cup). That’s it! Simple, but 95% don’t do it. Most don’t feel that thirsty yet, or we go for coffee instead. Nothing wrong with the java, but get that water in first. Ever wonder why we wake up several pounds lighter than when we go to bed? Besides 1 or 2 trips to the bathroom, every breath we take during slumber is water vapor leaving the body, steadily dehydrating you for hours. This slows metabolism, strains vital organs, and hinders digestion, just to name a few. Downing that tall drink of water will halt these issues, prime the body for the rest of the day, and even curb appetite (thirst is often mistaken for hunger and causes us to overeat). So starting tomorrow, hit the ground running with the H2O! 💪😎💧

-Ace Baldwin CPT
-WNBF, PNBA, NGA Professional bodybuilder
-Citadel Nutrition sponsored athlete



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