Shake Week: Cherry Vanilla Cola Float Protein Shake

Today for #shakeweek we're flashing back to the soda shop for a Cherry Vanilla Cola Float Protein Shake. It's a mouthful, we know.
Take advantage of the fresh cherries when they're in season. the flavor and color will be punched up quite a bit, but there is nothing wrong with the frozen ones. 
This is a black & white shake using chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Vanilla plays SO well with the cherries we couldn't make a shake without it. that's why we added a little more as extract for good measure. You still need the chocolate to make the cola flavor work.
Most of us don't really think about what flavors are actually in cola when we drink it, but the ingredient list is a wonderfully unusual mix. Cinnamon and nutmeg provide warmth to the flavor while cardamom and ginger give it its bight. Citrus is actually a pretty big part of it, too, but should not be overdone in this shake. You could use a citrus extract, if you have one, you just may want to blend the other ingredients first and then slowly add the extract until it tastes right.
Caramel sauce would be perfect to finish up this crazy flavor combination, but because of its high sugar content we made it optional.
Do you have cola flavor at home? You could substitute your spices for the store bought flavor.  

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