Strawberries and Protein BELIGHT Shake

This is a simple recipe that will trick your taste buds into thinking your spoiling them. Make a larger shake to replace a meal or a smaller one to stand alone as a snack!
1 tablespoon BELIGHT Vanilla powder
2 tablespoons almond milk
1 pint BELIGHT Strawberry ice cream
fresh strawberries to tase
toppings: granola, almonds, berries,
chocolate shavings, peanutbutter

Blend ice cream with almond milk,
protein powder and strawberries in
a blender.
Pour into two glasses
try different toppings or mix ins for difffernt
flavor combinations, such as, a swirl of
peanutbutter and a spoon full of preserves
to make a PB&J style shake. You could
also try dark chocolate shavings and
nuts for a more sophisticated twist!

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